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Ciao Coffee Latte Art

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Ciao Coffee accessory range.

We offer a complete Ciao Coffee branded hot-beverage Solution. This includes coffee beans, filter coffee, bulk brew, Fair Trade, paper takeaway cups, crockery, sugar sticks and chocolate squares.

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About Chocolate

Chocolate was first discovered and cultivated in Mesoamerica. ‘Theobroma cacao’, the plant from which it originates, is native to Central and South America. The process of fermenting, roasting and grinding the bitter beans found in the cacao pod to create chocolatey drinks dates back as early as 1900 BC.

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It’s been a long wait but at long last, the new Jura Giga X3 is here. We’ve taken a close look at this commercial coffee machine and cover the benefits, along with its limitations.

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Coffee facts in pictures and words… Grab yourself a brew and browse through some interesting and funny facts about coffee. From how it was discovered to which countries grow and drinks the most.

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Used Coffee Grounds

Getting the most out of your grounds

As a coffee drinker, you may assume that the usefulness of your grounds ends as soon as the drink is brewed. But rather than simply throwing the remnants away, there are actually a huge number of ways in which you can reuse the grounds to good effect. So when it comes to finding the best way in which to dispose of these left overs, try to following suggestions:

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Cappuccino Drink

Speciality coffee drinks such as latte and cappuccino have exploded in popularity over recent years. Browse though our list of the top 10 most popular coffee beverages and see how each is prepared using your espresso coffee machine.

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Drunk and enjoyed the world over, coffee is very much a part of everyday life. From home brewed instant or ground coffee to the plethora of varieties available in coffee shops, bars and restaurants across the country, the humble cup of coffee has evolved over the years into a necessity, a special treat and a work of art.

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History Story of Holmfirth

The History of Holmfirth

Holmfirth’s rich tapestry lives on in film and TV

The town of Holmfirth in West Yorkshire traces its long origins right back to over a thousand years ago, when the first people began to move into the area and settle. The lords of Wakefield, during the Saxon and Medieval eras, used the forested land for the sport of hunting.

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Coffee may be undeniably delicious and irresistibly aromatic, but it often gets a bad rap in the press as far as health is concerned. In fact most of the ill effects associated with coffee are simply a result of drinking too much. All good things are best in moderation. Keep your intake under six cups a day and far from being bad for you, coffee could have some remarkably positive effects.

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Rancilio Classe 7As a national commercial coffee machine company, we are often asked for advise on what is the right coffee machine for our customers. Once the decision has been made that a Traditional Espresso Machine is the right solution, we’ll now introduce you to the premium Italian Rancilio range of coffee equipment.

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jura coffee machine1

We are often asked ‘What’s the right bean to cup coffee machine for me?’ With so many coffee machine options out there, all with different daily usage capacities, we have taken a look at some of the best selling machines in the UK, Jura Impressa. Read on to learn more and to hopefully get some inspiration and guidance. We’ll cover commercial bean to machines in general then move onto Jura Impressa.

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Most of our commercial coffee machines come with a professional onsite installation as either part of your bundle package or as an option. We believe it’s important to offer this service in order that your equipment will be installed correctly and also so we can conduct full machine training with the site.

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Not sure which type of commercial coffee machine will best suit your business requirements? We hope the following information and guidance will help you decide on the best coffee machine solution for you. We have concentrated on espresso machines verses bean to cup machines which is the most common question we get asked. Other commercial systems are explained below.

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Coffee has a fascinating history and an interesting process from seed to roasted bean. Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world after oil, with 140 million 60kg bags being produced in 75 counties around the world each year and 2 Billion cups of coffee being consumed each day.


1. Coffee Cultivation
2. Coffee Beans Preparation
3. Roasting & Blending

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From the volcanic slopes of Indonesia to the cloud forests of South America, there is a world of exciting coffee out there waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. We’re renowned for finding the best the world has to offer and then putting the name ‘Ciao’ on the bag.

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Slush SyrupBuying a good quality slush syrup for your slush machine is of key importance when choosing a slush supplier. With a variety of syrup concentrates available at different prices, it’s worth considering some important facts. After all, you’ve probably invested a lot of money on your slush machine which will be heavily used, many machines we supply are running up to 10 hours a day.

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  1. The Beginning
  2. 4 steps to a good espresso
  3. Setting up the coffee grinder
  4. Setting up the espresso coffee machine
  5. Which button to use
  6. How to make an Espresso
  7. what is a Ristretto
  8. What is an Espresso Macciato
  9. How to make an Americano
  10. Steaming Milk
  11. Difference between Caffe Latte and Cappuccino
  12. How to make a Caffe Latte
  13. How to make a cappuccino
  14. How to make a Hot Chocolate
  15. How to make a Caffe Mocha
  16. How to make a Frappe or iced Cappuccino
  17. Cleaning procedures
  18. A few more things
  19. Why is my coffee bitter?

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Keeping your commercial coffee machine working and in good order is very important if you want your equipment to give you years of trouble free use and to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs. We offer a full service support package with all commercial coffee machines purchased from Denby Dale Coffee Ltd. That includes espresso machines, bean to cup machines and filter coffee machines. All commercial coffee machines we supply in the UK come with warranty, most will be on-site including parts and labour cover.

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Slush machine and slush syrup suppliers by SlushCo and Denby Dale Coffee. We only supply premium slush machines and slush ‘puppy’ machines with full onsite parts and labour warranty. We do not sell cheap imported slush machines from the far east as in our experience, although they can cost a few hundred pounds less, we believe it’s a false economy buying sub standard equipment that have a good chance of breaking after only a few months leaving the buyer struggling to source parts not to mention an engineer who is able to repair said slush machine(s). Ultimately, the buyer learns an expensive lesson and has to then purchase a replacement slush machine.. this is where we come in..

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Brazil Brazil as the world’s largest coffee producer, supplies a third of the world’s supply. Most coffee from Brazil is of commercial grade, albeit it does produce some good specialty coffees. Coffee in Brazil is grown at altitudes of only 2,000 to 4,000 feet. Brazilian coffee can be nutty, sweet, low-acid, and develop exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes but usually uncomplicated. Great for Italian style espresso, these coffees can work well unblended.
Colombia Colombia is the third largest coffee producing country but first in quantity of Arabicas grown. Colombian coffee has a deserved reputation of being generally good, but unspectacular. Some really excellent coffees, however, are produced in Colombia, mainly in the southwest. Colombian coffee can be very balanced, with good body, brightness (acidity) and flavour with little aftertase.
Costa Rica Costa Rican coffee is beautifully smooth and fragrant. Prized for their high notes, bright citrus or berry-like flavours in the acidity, with distinctful nut-to-chocolate roasty flavours. Grown between 4,100 & 5,400 feet in altitude. High in quality and very well balanced.
El Salvador El Salvador boasts some excellent coffees. Mainly Arabica Coffee growers at high altitudes in rich volcanic soil. These Salvadorans beans are fragrant, complex, lively moderately acidic and pleasantly gentle.
India  First grown around 1670, Indian coffees are becoming more represented in the world coffee market these days and offer good balance, pronounced body, medium acidity (which can vary from regoin to region) and subtle spicey notes in these mild coffees. Sometimes you find hints of earthiness. Source of good  Robusta coffees.
Ethiopia Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee where it was discovered approx 1,400 years ago. Ethiopia coffees are of exceptional quality and boasts two different styles. Two of its finest coffees are from the Sidamo region, and Harrar, although their profiles are quite different. The Harrar is dry processed and has an exotic, fruity and complex, while the Sidamo region a washed coffee process which is more delicate and displays floral, citrus tones with a rounded balance.
Guatemala Coffees here are usually grown at altitudes of over 5000 feet. Good Guatemalan coffees are fruity and nuanced, with good acidity.
Kenya Kenyan coffees is complex and possess deep berry notes. Much of the great Arabica coffee of Kenya is cultivated from high altitude growing regions and is complex, and has interesting berry and citrus flavours, occassionally alternating with delicated spice. Some are clean and bright, others have cherished winey flavours. Great coffee.
Mexico Dating back to circa 1785, Mexican coffee is grown in the south bordering Guatemala. Mexican coffees are smooth and delicate with a sweet and light bite.
Nicaragua Coffees from Nicaragua are generally grown at altitudes of 3,500 to 4,500 feet. Nicaraguan coffees are interseting with fragrant, mildly complex, with good acidity and body, often showing nut and citrus flavours.
Sumatra Coffee growing in Sumatra was established 1720. Arabica coffees from Sumatra are grown mostly in the north and central regions. Processing methods in Sumatra vary which yields unpredictable and interesting results. These coffee beans have an earthy quality, deep body and are complex.
Uganda Robusta coffee is indigenous to the country, and has been a part of Ugandan life for centuries. The variety of wild Robusta coffee still growing today in Uganda’s rain forests are thought to be some of the rarest examples of naturally occurring coffee trees anywhere in the world. The coffee trees are intercropped with traditional food crops and grown in the shade of banana trees and other shade trees. In these self-sustaining conditions, coffee is left to grow naturally, flowering on average twice a year and show an intense character. 93% of Uganda coffee is cultivated by small native farms. Great Robusta beans.


Rank                               Country Production (1000 60 Kg Bags)

1 Brazil                           54,000.00

2 Vietnam                      18,525.00

3 Colombia                     9,000.00

4 Indonesia                     9,000.00

5 India                               5,000.00

6 Mexico                           4,550.00

7 Ethiopia                         4,450.00

8 Guatemala                     4,200.00

9 Peru                                 4,000.00

10 Honduras                   3,500.00

11 Uganda                         3,250.00

12 Côte D’ivoire              2,200.00

13 Nicaragua                    1,750.00

14 El Salvador                  1,600.00

15 Costa Rica                   1,550.00

16 Papua New Guinea   1,100.00

17 Kenya                               950.00