Featured Commercial Coffee Machine – Rancilio Classe

Rancilio Classe 7As a national commercial coffee machine company, we are often asked for advise on what is the right coffee machine for our customers. Once the decision has been made that a Traditional Espresso Machine is the right solution, we’ll now introduce you to the premium Italian Rancilio range of coffee equipment.

First of all let’s take a quick look at the Rancilio brand which was established in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio in Parabiago. Their first well known espresso machine was the ‘La Regina’ a vertical boiler machine. In 1950, they launched their first horizontal boiler machine and in 1953 they adopted lever piston technology. Rancilio technologies continued to develop through the 1960′a and 1970′s and by the 90′s, the world famous ‘S’ series was launched. 2001 saw a complete revamp of the range and the introduction of the ‘Epoca’ and Classe Series which with a few updates in recent years, continues to be a global best seller.

2011 witnessed the introduction of a new advanced brewing system for the Classe 9, which gives precise control of water temperature during the brewing cycle, allowing for ‘temperature profiling’ where the temperature of the water can be raised or lowered a few degrees during the brew cycle to alter the flavour during coffee grounds extraction.

Today, Rancilio boasts a range of premium coffee machine equipment in all size options and to suite most budgets. From 1 group machines to powerful 4 group, there will be a solution that’s right for your business. We’ve highlighted the range below.

Rancilio Espresso Machine Range:

Epoca - The Rancilio Epoca is a superb entry level commercial coffee machine option. The 1 group is available as either a water tank model (S1) which is a semi-automatic machine or a plumbed into mains model (E1) which is fully automatic with 4 push button coffee options. both feature a powerful steam arm and available in 2 colour options, grey and burgundy. Popular in bars, restaurants and hotels where a daily coffee demand of up to 50-75 drinks is required.

Classe 7 РProbably the best selling Rancilio Coffee machine and available in several size options. Options include 2 group and 3 groups, Compact space saving (2 group only), tall version so larger takeaway coffee cups can be placed directly under the group head and semi automatic & fully automatic machines. The LEVA group allows the brewing-phase to be controlled manually which is compatible with either electric or gas. The Rancilio Classe 7 coffee machine is a firm favorite and presents everything a busy site requires, from stylish looks to work horse ethics.

Classe 9 РThe Rancilio Classe 9 features a host of innovative features ensuring superb quality coffee, whilst making life easy for the barista. Highlights include an automated cleaning cycle, timed on/off function with weekly programming and electronic pre-infusion. Available in 2 to 4 group size options, Tall models and with semi and fully automatic functions.

Classe 10 USB – The flagship of the Rancilio range, constructed with aluminium and finished in graphite light bronze. Highly technical, probably the most advanced in the world.