Coffee Equipment Installations


Most of our commercial coffee machines come with a professional onsite installation as either part of your bundle package or as an option. We believe it’s important to offer this service in order that your equipment will be installed correctly and also so we can conduct full machine training with the site.

The Site MUST:

Have the electrical supply within 1 meter of the centre line of the machines location.

Have the correct electrical supply for the  machine ready on site. E.g. single or three phase. For plug in machines, plug sockets required within a meter.

Have a 15mm copper pipe mains water supply terminating with shut off valve incorporating a 3/4 inch BSP connection within 1 meter of the machines centre line at the proposed location.

Have site water pressure within the operating range of 1 -10 bar. (15 – 150psi).

Ensure that if the counter or unit requires any holes drilling to enable the engineer to connect the machine to the water supply, these must be completed before the engineer arrives on site.

If the machine has been delivered before the engineer arrives, ensure the machine is immediately available to the engineer, within reasonable distance of the installation site. Assistance to move machine may be required if over 15kg.

Ensure the relevant product ingredients are to hand

Ensure the relevant cups are to hand


The engineer WILL:

Unpack the machine and inspect for transit damage.

Install the machine in its proposed location.

Connect power and water to the machine.

Connect to the water supply if required, and water filtration system were requested.

Commission the machine and function test to ensure it is operating to factory specifications.

Set the machine to any requirement the site may have – drink strength, cup size etc.

Train staff in maintenance, cleaning and operation.

Leave the area tidy, with the packaging flat-packed for the sites disposal.


Here is a visual guide as to the site requirements for commercial coffee machine installation. The blue mark on on parts 1 to 3 is only relevant if the machine requires hard wired. Most of our equipment requires a simple 13Amp plug. For these machines, we require 2 plug sockets, one for the machine and another for the coffee grinder (traditional espresso) or fridge unit (bean to cup.


Commercial Coffee Machine Installations