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About Chocolate

Chocolate was first discovered and cultivated in Mesoamerica. ‘Theobroma cacao’, the plant from which it originates, is native to Central and South America. The process of fermenting, roasting and grinding the bitter beans found in the cacao pod to create chocolatey drinks dates back as early as 1900 BC.


Used Coffee Grounds

Getting the most out of your grounds

As a coffee drinker, you may assume that the usefulness of your grounds ends as soon as the drink is brewed. But rather than simply throwing the remnants away, there are actually a huge number of ways in which you can reuse the grounds to good effect. So when it comes to finding the best way in which to dispose of these left overs, try to following suggestions: (more…)

Rancilio Classe 7As a national commercial coffee machine company, we are often asked for advise on what is the right coffee machine for our customers. Once the decision has been made that a Traditional Espresso Machine is the right solution, we’ll now introduce you to the premium Italian Rancilio range of coffee equipment.