Coffee Facts in Pictures


Coffee facts in pictures and words… Grab yourself a brew and browse through some interesting and funny facts about coffee. From how it was discovered to which countries grow and drinks the most.

Legend has it that a 9th century goat herder ‘Kaldi’¬†discovered coffee by accident when he noticed the effects on his goats after they had eaten the mysterious berries. The jumped around with lots of energy.



Coffee beans are the seeds of of the coffee berry, that makes it a fruit. The best fruit.



Contrary to popular belief, the myth or old wives tale that coffee or caffeine helps you sober up is not true. But who wants to sober up?


Coffee Facts


There are around 50 different species of coffee but only 2 types are commonly used in gourmet and commercial coffee blends, Arabica and Robusta.




George C Washington, an English chemist invented instant coffee in 1906. The product was launched commercially 3 years later in 1909.


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Coffee can kill you if you exceed a safety limit. For an adult, that’s around 100 cups. The world record for the most coffee consumed in a 7 hour period is 82 cups. He’s ok!

Drinking coffee in moderation has far more health benefits than negative effects. Some negative effects if drunk in excess include staining ones teeth, changing sleep patterns, heartburn, hampers absorption of some minerals such as zinc and can raise blood pressure. Here are some of the health benefits…



Coffee can only be successfully grown in specific climatic conditions and is therefore only cultivated approx. 24 degrees either side of the equator. This is known as the coffee belt. The only American state that grows coffee is Hawaii. If global warming continues at current rates, coffee will be grown in Scotland by 2907. That last bit is a big fat fib.



It takes 42 coffee beans (seeds) to produce just one 7g espresso shot.

It takes a whole coffee bush to produce just 1kg bag of coffee beans per year.



If all the coffee beans in the world held hands around the globe.. Half of them would drown.

Coffee shops are one of the most popular venues for a first date. Here’s why we…

  1. Let’s face it, it’s a cheap date
  2. You can keep your wits about you. No such thing as ‘cappuccino goggles’
  3. It doesn’t have to last long and the door is never far away

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In Italy, espresso is considered so essential to daily life that the price is regulated by the government.

Latte is the Italian word for milk. So if you order a latte in Italy, you’ll receive a glass of milk.




There are 5,000 individual coffee beans in just one kilo bag of coffee.