Here at Denby Dale Coffee, our 3 group commercial espresso machines are manufactured by world-leaders in coffee making, including Rancilio, Visacrem, Quality Espresso and Crem International. Best sellers include the Rancilio Classe 7, Rancillio Classe 9 and the Visacrem Ottima. All come with the option of raised group heads. Sometimes know as 'Takeaway' or 'Tall', this will enable you to place large ccoffee mugs or takeaway cups directly under the group heads.

This high-intensity professional coffee equipment has been designed for heavy use, with the ability to make up to 300 coffee drinks per hour. With up to 5 years on-site warranty, our packages offer reliability with the peace of mind of a speedy response. Just don’t forget your coffee beans!

Is 3 groups the right one for you?

3 groups are powerful machines - with the capacity to make large amounts of coffee quickly. Each group is capable of dispensing 2 espressos or coffees at the same time, which means 6 coffees can be made simultaneously by a practiced barista. These machines are suitable in busy coffee shops and other sites with a high drinks demand. 

3 group traditional machines will require a minimum of 20Amps, so will need hard wiring to a prepared power source. Most do not require 3 phase. Our engineers professionally install all our commercial coffee machines and give the site operators full training.

Our machines are priced with flexible purchase options. The headline price is the cost for the coffee machine with installation, warranty, water filter kit, barista kit and a range of our award winning coffees. The upgrade price includes the entire package which includes a commercial coffee grinder, knock drawer and additional products.

Choose your favourite 3 groups traditional machine and order without delay. If you’re a new shopper with Denby Dale Coffee, then don’t forget that you receive 5% off your first purchase. We're here to help with any advice and to answer your questions.



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