Evepure ESO6 Water Filter

Everpure Water Filter ESO6

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Everpure ESO6 water filter softener for commercial coffee machines. Excellent performance filtration system which will protect your coffee equipment from the effects of hard water whilst improving the taste of your hot drinks.

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The ESO6 Water Softener by Everpure is the perfect solution for stopping limescale building up in your coffee equipment. Not only will it soften and filter 2,137 Ltrs of hard water*, it will control and balance the pH and uses a carbon filter to remove sediment and unpleasant tastes and odours such as chlorine, to make a perfect cup of coffee.

The Everpure ES06 3-Stage Blending Cartridge as a replacement water filtration cartridge for coffee & espresso machines utilises a one-of-a-kind three-stage blending cartridge that results in water that is softened, buffered and filtered. The ESO6 Softening Water Filter Cartridge is manufactured with an effective ion-exchange resin with buffering capabilities and high capacity coconut carbon filtration.

The Everpure replacement cartridge is an effective tool for reducing minerals in your water, such as calcium, magnesium, chlorine and other off tastes and odours, in order to provide great tasting coffee and espresso drinks.

* 2,137 Litres = 53,425 espresso or 10,750 large coffee or teas.

This water softener will improve the water quality of 53,425 espresso shots (at 40ml per shot) or 63 cases of 6kg coffee, a total of 378Kg.

Working pressure: 10-125 psi (0.7-8.5 bar)
Water temperature: 35-100F (2-38C)
Flow rate: 0.5gpm (1.9 Lpm)
Total hardness capacity: 265,000ppm
Dimensions: 83mm diameter, 381mm height
This water filter can be changed in no time at all, just lift a lever on the head to switch off the water, unscrew and dispose of the old cartridge and twist in the new replacement.

Please note this item is the replacement cartridge. If you're buying it as a new water softener you will also need the water softener head unit. 

Consumable products ordered by 2.30pm are dispatched same day for next working day delivery (Mon-Fri) subject to stock levels.

Coffee equipment and slush machines will be delivered within 2 working days(Mon-Fri) if ordered before 12.30pm.

Coffee equipment requiring an engineer installation will take between 4 - 8 working days. Check for details.

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