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Claris Pro Smart

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Jura Claris Pro SMART Water Filter for use in the Jura JX8 and the Giga X8, bean to cup coffee machines. Designed to protect your machine from the effects of hard water and limescale. Fitted inside the water tank, these cartridge filters are very easy to exchange.

Claris Pro Water Filter SMART

Giving your coffee machine the gentle touch, Claris Pro water filter cartridges are specially made for use with Jura JX8 and Giga X8.

These unique cartridges are placed directly in the water reservoir, and are made from purely organic materials with no chemical additives. Claris Pro filter cartridges will help to protect your machine and extend its life.

- PH-coffee neutral

- Tough on limescale

- Will enhance your coffee experience

- Ultimate water freshness

Jura Claris PRO SMART Capacity: maximum of 2 months or 200 Ltrs (approx 4,000 espressos / cappuccinos or 1,000 coffees at 200ml)


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