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Here at Denby Dale Coffee, we stock a large selection of commercial water filters and water filtration systems.

Protect your commercial coffee machine from the effects of hard water, limescale and impurities with a water filter system.

Full kits and replacement cartridges are also available. Taking the care and upkeep of your coffee maker as seriously as you do, we offer a leading range of professional water protection systems from the likes of Brita, Bestmax, Everpure and Claris by Jura.

Our filtration range includes a unique filter head for each brand, and all of the cartridges are easy to replace too. You will not have to change the filter head.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO USE A WATER FILTER? Quite simply, filtered water makes a much better coffee. It improves the water quality, which in-turn, improves coffee quality. It purifies the water to improve taste; protecting your coffee machine and reducing the risk from any scale build up. As water naturally moves through soil and rock, it dissolves very small amounts of minerals and holds them. The degree of hardness becomes greater as the calcium and magnesium content increases. These tiny particles can cause damage when they get into the internal workings of an espresso machine. The damage that it causes can be extremely costly, so commercial coffee machines are usually not covered under warranty if water filtration is not installed; this is because the damage caused is not caused by manufacturing malfunctions. 9

8% of the coffee is water, so it's a key part of your brew.

BENEFITS OF ADDING A WATER FILTER • Protects your equipment • Extends the life of your machine • Removes impurities • Improves the taste of the water and hence coffee or tea • Improves the aroma of your drink.

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