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We are an official UK Dealer for the Swiss company Jura which means we are authorised to sell their range of domestic and commercial bean to cup coffee machines. You can verify our authorised status at Jura UK website or phone Jura on 01282 868266.

Buying from an official dealer like Denby Dale Coffee is important because:

  • You'll have a valid warranty and access to the UK service centre

  • You will receive a genuine, Swiss-made Jura product

  • Your Jura equipment will be the correct UK specification

  • You'll have access to ongoing expert support and service

As an official Jura dealer working in close partnership with Jura UK we offer you a full range of services. This includes sales advice, demos, technical support, spare parts, consumables along with professional servicing and repairs.

Jura will not maintain Jura coffee machines that have not been purchased from an approved UK dealer. Many Jura machines are imported which have incorrect power facilty for our power grid. There are also many stolen Jura machines in the UK due to the high value of the equipment, many of which are sold on ebay and Amazon. Jura does not authorise the sale of any commercial equipment being sold on ebay or Amazon and no warranty will be available. Plus you stand the very real risk of the machine being stolen or entering the UK through unofficial channels.

We have a selection of our own Jura machines and you are welcome to visit our offices in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire for a demonstration on a select range we have available in our showroom, appointment will be required. Alternatively we can arrange for a visit to Jura UK in Colne, Lancashire where the complete rangeof Jura coffee machine are on display.

Buy a Jura bean to cup coffee machine with confidence from Denby Dale Coffee Ltd
We are part of a select few companies that are authorised to sell Jura's bean to cup machines. We give you genuine Jura products with a full commercial or domestic warranty and the after sales service and advice support when you need it.

In addition to receiving a genuine Impressa machine and warranty, when you buy from a speciality coffee company, you will also receive immediate support and advice by ringing our direct support line. Something you will not get from well known high street retailers. Issues from 9 out of 10 service calls we receive are resolved in a few minutes and tend to be something quite simple.


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