Denby Dale Coffee as commercial coffee machine specialists, supply a large range of coffee equipment. With many years experience in the supply of coffee machines, we have an in depth knowledge of most coffee making equipment on the market. We work closely with the key manufacturers such as Jura Impressa and Franke with commercial bean to cup coffee machines and Rancilio, Expobar and Quality Espresso with traditional espresso machines. If it’s filter coffee machines you are considering, we offer Bravilor, one of the worlds largest filter equipment manufacturers.

Top end domestic coffee maker or entry level commercial coffee machine?

This is a question we get asked often, particularly if your business requires a low usage of high quality coffee, for example an office with 3 to 5 people or for a showroom which is used occasionally. The other reason this question is asked is if your budget is restricted.

First of all let me explain the benefits of both options, starting with a basic commercial machine. On the up side, the coffee and cappuccino will be a little better in quality (but only slightly), you may have more drink options, the machine should have a slightly better and bigger water boiler, the service warranty usually covers on site engineer call out cover however you will need to check the warranty details on each machine to ensure this is the case. Also a commercial coffee machine will have a higher daily capacity verses domestic and it should last longer.

The pros of a higher spec domestic coffee maker includes obviously a lower cost which can make this option more appealing, the quality of the drinks is still very high, the daily capacity of a premium domestic machines is lower than a commercial one, usually around 10-20 drinks per day, although they are capable of producing more during busy periods. The warranty will be a return to base but most coffee makers are turned around and back on site within a week.

While we are on the warranty, if you purchase a domestic coffee machine, most won’t offer a warranty if being used on a commercial site, they are domestic warranty cover only. The way around this is to purchase the machine for your home and have delivery here. If machines ever need to be returned for warranty work then any collection would need to be arranged from your home address.

In our view, for lower volume capacity requirements (i.e. 10-20 drinks per day) if you are looking for a bean to cup machine then go with a commercial coffee machine. We would recommend the Jura Impressa C9 or Jura XS90. If you are considering an espresso machine or a traditional style machine with a separate coffee grinder, then you may wish to consider consider the Ascaso Uno or Duo range which cost less than £1,000. With this range, having a coffee grinder is optional as these machines are designed to use ESE coffee pods or filter coffee.

Another coffee maker brand to consider would be the Francis Francis Illy range, including the Francis Francis X1 for filter coffee or the X7 for Illy coffee capsules. Gaggia coffee machines are popular and well known but in our view not quite as good as the Ascaso range.

After saying all that, if you are asking the above question but plan to sell the coffee and not give it away in the work place, we strongly advise to go for light use commercial machines. Coffee is very profitable (costing between 5p to 9p per cup and selling between £1.00 to £2.00), your machine will be paid for in no time at all. At Denby Dale Coffee, we usually give you enough free coffee with your commercial machine to cover the cost of the equipment when sold. Have a look at the Rancilio Epoca tank machines, this espresso machine range pact a mighty punch for performance, cost, value and quality of coffee drinks. They also feature a pressurised hot water spout for tea, soups and hot chocolate.


Our dedicated sales team are always happy to discuss your requirements and talk through your options and suggest a couple of suitable choices. We can be contacted on 08000 14 18 18.



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