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Mr Slush Syrup Blue Raspberry 4x5Ltr

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Premium Slush Syrups made with a water to syrup concentrate ratio of 6 to 1. Blue Raspberry slush syrup by the case of 4x5Ltrs, which will produce up to 700 slushie drinks.

High quality, concentrated slush syrup with a ratio of 6 to 1. Suitable for use in all types of slush machines.

Mr Syrups are high quality slush syrups for use in slush machines, retaining their flavour and colour right down to the last drop. Made using 100% British sugar, we believe no other company manufactures higher quality slush syrups at such competitive prices. We are partucularly proud of our Blue Raspberry slush syrup, it being the most difficult flavour to secure. Each 7oz (200ml) slush drink costs just 8p or approx 13p including the slush cup and strawspoon.

Our customers sell a 200ml slush drink for between 80p - £1.00 so the profit margin is high. Selling just 25 slush drinks per day will deliver an incremental £500 per month profit selling at 80p. That's more than 6 times your cost.

Our Slush Syrup Range Includes;Blue raspberry Slush syrup

Lemon & Lime 
Orange & Mango 
Sour Cherry 
Pink Bubblegum 
Kola Kube 
Neutral Base 
Sour Apple 
Iron Brew 

Plus we have recently launched Strawberry Lemonade, Sherbet Lemon, Cola and Mixed Fruit.

Each case of 4x5Ltr slush syrup will produce a yield of 140Ltrs or:

700 x 7oz slush drinks
475 x 10oz slush drinks
400 x 12oz slush drinks


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