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From the volcanic slopes of Indonesia to the cloud forests of South America, there is a world of exciting coffee out there waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. We’re renowned for finding the best the world has to offer and then putting the name ‘Ciao’ on the bag. Ciao Coffee Supplies So how do we do it? Simple, we go looking for it, literally! Our coffee roasting partners regularly travel the world, personally visiting the coffee farms and cooperatives where the green coffee beans are sourced from. Close attention is paid to the social, environmental and economic impact that coffee growing has on the local communities, ensuring wherever possible, the coffee producers receive a fair price, working conditions are acceptable and the business is sustainable. Ciao gives your business an opportunity to offer a front of house authentic Italian coffee brand and is supported with branded Ciao crockery, Ciao sugar sticks and point of sale materials such as posters, table menus and information cards. The Ciao coffee range includes coffee beans, filter and ground coffee in a range of pack sizes and roast blends, giving you and your customers a great choice of coffees to suit your requirements and pallet. We have blends costing as little as 5p per cup right up to our famous Fairtrade Organic espresso blend, an amazing premium blend costing 9p per cup. Who buys our Ciao coffee? We have thousands of customers ranging from coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes to schools, offices and even coffee lovers at home looking for something special. Here is a list of our most popular Ciao Coffee products, simply click the link in the last column to view each product. Ciao Coffee Beans Ciao Italian Beans Ciao Dolce Beans Ciao Barista Beans Ciao Fairtrade Beans Ciao Fairtrade Organic Beans Ciao Filter Coffee Ciao Traditional Filter Ciao Colombian Filter Ciao Continental Filter Ciao Fairtrade Filter
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