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Ciao Italian Coffee Bundle Deal 16oz

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Try our convenient 16oz Ciao Coffee to Go bundle packs which includes Ciao Italian espresso beans, Ciao branded 16oz takeaway cups, sip lids and sugar sticks. 2,000 drinks.

Ciao Coffee Bundle Pack - 16oz Ciao Italian Beans - 2,000 DRINKS

We have put together a handle bundle pack which includes everything you need to serve our premium Ciao coffee to go drinks. 16oz is a popular large takeaway cup size in the UK.

Each pack includes Ciao Italian blend espresso beans, 16oz Ciao takeaway paper cups, either black or white sip lids and Fair Trade sugar sticks. 

Ciao Italian Coffee Deal 3 - £299
40x500g of Ciao Italian coffee beans 
2,000 x 12oz Ciao Takeaway Coffee Cups 
2,000 x 12oz Sip Lids (Black or White)
2,000 x Ciao Fair Trade sugar Sticks (500 White and 500 Brown)

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