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Ciao Traditional Filter Coffee 50x3 Pint

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Ciao Traditional filter coffee by the case of 50 pouches of 3 pints in each sachet with filter papers included. Premium coffee sourced from Brazil and East Africa which is suited for all day drinking. Each filter coffee case will produce 600 fresh coffees.

Ciao Traditional Filter Coffee 50 x 3 Pint

Our popular all day, every day filter coffee blend, roasted to our high standards and branded Ciao. Our company is dedicated to sourcing, blending and roasting only the highest quality coffees. Our Ciao filter coffee range can be used in filter coffee machines or cafetieres. Portion controlled in 3 pint sachets so each case makes up to 600 cups of fresh coffee or 500 if you like your beverage a little stronger. Traditional blend is a very popular choice.

Blend Description:
Medium bodied, medium strength and arabica rich, which is suitable for all day consumption. Expect sweet and nutty overtones with a moderate aftertaste.

Benefits of Coffee Pouches
Portion controlled coffee pouch reduces coffee waste and keeps your coffee fresh as each coffee portion is packed with just enough filter coffee to make a 3 pint jug without the need to open a larger bag. It introduces ease of use, consistency and a foolproof way of consistently producing high quality coffee. Simply put water for 12 cups in your filter machine, open a coffee pouch and add the coffee to a filter paper which are included with this case.

Coffee Origin: Brazil & East Africa

Stregnth Guide: 1 2 3 4 5

Pack Size: 50 pouch sachets x 3 pints in each + 50 filter papers

Cost per Cup: 4.7p

Packaging: All our packaging is 100% biodegradable

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