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  1. Bravilor Novo Filter
    Bravilor Novo Filter
    £354.00 £295.00
  2.  Bravilor Mondo Filter
    Bravilor Mondo Filter
    £474.00 £395.00
  3.  Bravilor Mondo Twin
    Bravilor Mondo Twin
    £954.00 £795.00
  4. Bravilor RLX 41
    Bravilor RLX 41
    £2,154.00 £1,795.00
  5.  Bravilor RLX 76
    Bravilor RLX 76
    £1,194.00 £995.00
  6.  Bravilor Matic Twin
    Bravilor Matic Twin
    £1,380.00 £1,150.00
  7. Bravilor RLX 31
    Bravilor RLX 31
    £1,674.00 £1,395.00

12 Items

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Filter Coffee Equipment

Denby Dale Coffee offers a range of filter coffee and bulk brew coffee machine equipment for all capacity demands.

If you require quality coffee quickly, filter machines are a popular choice. From 3-pint pour and serve filter machines, to 80ltr bulk brew machines, our filter range offers you a low-cost solution.

The Bravilor range is manufactured using high grade components and designed for reliability, ease of use and built to last. Filter machines are dispatched within 24 hours and for pour and serve machines you simply plug in and go.

3-PINT POUR AND SERVE FILTER These are very popular at establishments that require a good-quality filter coffee - that is easy to make and serve too. These machines have the capacity to hold from 24 coffees at any one time (Novo, and Mondo), to 48 coffees with the twin Mondo machine option. Novo and Mondo are manual-fill systems. The TH10 system allows you to dispense your coffee into easy to serve 2.2ltr airpots, which can then be moved around your site for easy self-service. They are particularly popular in meeting rooms, offices and for conferencing.

BULK BREW OR BULK BREWING This method is ideal for producing large amounts of fresh filter coffee quickly and easily. This type of coffee equipment tends to go in sites that need to prepare a lot of coffee, and have it ready for quick-serving; such as in canteens, conference facilities, hotels, busy food outlets and cafes.

Bravilor Bonamat leads the market with their range of bulk brew filter B series of filter machines. With a large range of equipment ranging from 5ltrs to 80ltrs, there is a suitable size to meet any demand. You also have the option to have a hot water function by inclusion of a dispense tap built-in with each machine, meaning you can offer many solutions within one unit. Size capacities available include single and double containers in 5ltrs, 10ltrs, 20ltrs and 40ltrs, each with the added option of the hot water tap, known as the B HW-Series.

Each round filtering container is independent and portable with additional containers, is available to purchase separately, allowing you to further increase your coffee capacity. Pricing is offered by building your desired and bespoke package, buying a full package including a water filtration system (highly recommended) and installation is offered at a discount.

Our 375g bulk brew filter coffee pouches are portion-controlled - each will produce 5ltrs of fresh filter coffee, so one pouch is added for every 5ltrs of coffee you wish to brew. 

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