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Bravilor RLX 76

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The Bravilor RLX 55 is a table top filter machine offering high capacity fresh filter coffee serving. A high quality fresh filter machine with a professional appearance, robust in build quality and with the added benefit of holding 4Ltrs of fresh coffee.

Bravilor RLX 76 Table Top Filter Machine

Model with 1 brewing system and separate hot water tap for smaller groups.


  • Delicious fresh coffee
  • Robust and high-quality appearance because of stainless steel filter pan and housing
  • Equipped with coffee-is-ready signal and descale indicator
  • Coffee of a consistent quality: the airpots monitor the quality of the coffee
  • Easy operation and maintenance

Bravilor RLX 55 Specifications:

  • 230V~ 50/60Hz 2,015 - 3,925 Watts

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 475x509x611 mm

  • Holding capacity: 4.0Ltrs 

  • Throughput per hour: approx. 15Ltrs coffee & 18Ltrs water

  • Brewing time: approx. 7 minutes 

Optional Extras
Professional installation and training by Bravilor engineer - £150 + VAT
Water filter kit BSRS 200 - £100 + VAT

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