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Ciao Fairtrade Filter Coffee 16x375g Bulk Brew

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Ciao Fairtrade filter coffee by the case of 16 pouches x 375g each. Each pouch will produce 10Ltrs of fresh coffee. Premium ethically traded coffee sourced from Brazil and Central America which is suited for all day drinking and popular in offices, education, councils and food outlets with a conscience. Each filter coffee case will produce approx. 750 fresh coffees.

Ciao Fairtrade Filter Coffee 16x375g Bulk Brew

Our popular ethical coffee blend, roasted with passion to our high exacting standards as with all our Ciao coffees. Our company is dedicated to sourcing, blending and roasting only the highest quality coffees. Our Ciao filter coffee range can be used in filter coffee machines or cafetieres. Portion controlled in 375g pouches, each of which is portion controlled to make 10Ltrs

Blend Description:
Ciao Fairtrade filter coffee is blended to produce a rich full bodied coffee with good acidity with lemony overtones.

We take ethical trading very seriously, ensuring that the coffee plantations we buy our coffee beans from benefit from the Fair Trade premium they receive. This premium is invested back into each farming communities which is invested into infrastructure, health and education.

Our pouches are 375g packs which will make 10Ltrs of fresh coffee. So 1/2 pack should be used for each 5Ltr bulk brew, 1 pouches for 10Ltrs and so on.

Coffee Origin: Brazil and Central America

Stregnth Guide: 1 2 3 4 5

Pack Size: 16 x 375g Pouches

Cups per Case: 800 (200ml) or 727 (220ml)

Cost per Cup: 8p average

Packaging: All our packaging is 100% biodegradable

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