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Illy Filter Coffee 24 x 250g Dark Roast

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illy filter coffee ground coffee in fresh seal tins of 250g x 24 tins. Dark roast coffee blend blended with 100% arabica. For filter coffee machines and cafetieres.

illy Filter Coffee - 24x250g Tins - Dark Roast

Producing the world’s finest tasting coffee requires an exacting balance of subtle, aromatic nuances and a blending of acidic, sweet and bitter notes in order to create the distinctive illy taste. illy's rich body envelopes the palate, creating a pleasant tactile sensation as it paints the tongue. Numerous flavours ranging from fruity to flowery with traces of chocolate, caramel, hints of almond and honey, all blend sweetly together. Even those who prefer sugarless coffee are sure to be more than gratified by the end result.

illy coffee is made using 100% arabica coffee beans roasted to a dark roast and strength suited where a stronger coffee taste is preferred. Sealed in 250g tins for ultimate freshness.

Also available in espresso beans option.

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