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Jura Giga X8 Speed


The Jura GIGA X8 SPEED bean to cup sets new standards in commercial coffee machine technology. Featuring two, newly developed, almost wear free ceramic disc grinders which operate quietly, are individually adjustable, grind quicker with lower heat generation, offering a better quality coffee. 

The Jura GIGA X8 adds a whole new dimension to the already highly succesful GIGA concept: SPEED. With the new Jura water bypass function, the GIGA X8 increases the speed by 30% - without negatively affecting the taste! In fact; we think the taste is better!

On the Jura GIGA X8 you can program how much water is used to extract an espresso from your coffee beans as well as separately setting the amount of hot water which is then added. This water is added at the same time that the espresso is being made. This is made possible because of a third thermoblock (heating element), which is dedicated to this hot water. The result? A more authentic tasting coffee in less time! But that's not all! The Jura GIGA X8 also:

  • Allows you to program 29 different products
  • Allows you to rename each product (ie. "Large Cappuccino" or "Sarahs Latte")
  • Allows you to re-organise and set the 8 favourite drinks on the start screen
  • Has a small footprint - width just 32cm 

Of course this is on top of the already impressive, general characteristics of the Jura GIGA range:

  • Dual spout with fine foam technology and ability to produce a true Caffe Latté
  • Two high quality ceramic disc grinders which are electronically controlled
  • Ability to produce two milk specialities at the same time (ie. 2 x Latte)

The speed function on the GIGA X8 has been designed to avoid overextraction by using the bypass feature, which feeds the hot water into the freshly brewed coffee and then mixes it inside the machine. The result is perfection: an aromatic Americano in record time.

The high-performance GIGA X8 Professional with its elegant finish comes with a unique speed function, allowing it to prepare perfect coffee in record time. The optimally extracted coffee is mixed with hot water inside the machine by means of an extra bypass. Absolutely no flavour is lost during the process. When coffee is overextracted, the finished product will contain a higher pro-portion of unpleasant acidic and bitter components. The speed function and time-saving, intuitive operation make the GIGA X8 Professional ideal for use in catering. A large water tank and coffee grounds container allow for flexible and mobile use.


The extra hot water capacity provided by the third thermoblock is essential to the machine’s efficiency, enabling it to brew the perfect coffee at record speed. The hot water is added to the freshly brewed coffee through a bypass line and the two are mixed inside the machine. The speed function can be adapted to suit specific requirements. 29 different products, as well as the start screen, can be individually programmed to suit the occasion or customer. For instance, products can be renamed and arranged to the user’s liking on the display. Two ceramic disc grinders guarantee quick, precise and even grinding for many years to come and cut previous grinding times by 75%.


As well as being easy to operate and programme, the machine is designed to be very easy to care for. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes reduce the effort involved to a minimum and guarantee TÜVcertified hygiene. 

Dimensions Giga X8 - Width - 37cm x Height - 57cm x Depth - 50cm

Power - 2.3Kw

Beans container capacity - 650g


For more information on the Giga or any Jura coffee equipment, call our specialist coffee help line on: 08000 14 18 18. We will be pleased to talk through this machine with you in more detail and to arrange a demonstration at the Jura UK Head Office if required. Denby Dale Coffee Ltd are Official Jura Dealers in the UK. We would always advise you to check with Jura UK Ltd (01282 869641 or 0800 6525527) that you are purchasing your Jura coffee machine from an authorised UK dealer.


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