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Jura Impressa XJ9 - Ex Showroom


Featuring some of the latest technologies found in the top of the range Jura GIGA machines, the Jura XJ9 Professional is the lastest bean to cup machine by Jura of Switzerland. With an elegant design of chrome and silver, a colour TFT display and a slim, compact appearance make the Jura Impressa XJ9 a pleasure to use and to the eye. 

Jura XJ9 Professional Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - 75 Cups per day.

Ex showroom Model - Low useage and fully serviced at the Jura Service centre.

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Latte machiatto, cappuccino, coffee black, espresso and ristretto - all requiring no more than a simple touch using the new, intuitive rotary selection switch.

The new Jura XJ9 Professional features a new Micro Foam Frother which produces outstanding milk froth. In fact, we've never seen anything better. Up to 75 cups per day, 10 different coffee types to choose from.

The Jura XJ9 in Summary

The One-Touch Cappuccino/Latte macchiato function on the XJ9 requires you to only just press a button to prepare a speciality coffee topped with milk or milk foam. The useful height-adjustable spout, at last, makes it possible to use small and larger cups or glasses (up to 15.5cm high).

The Jura XJ9, just like the GIGA range, features the new fine foam technology to create fine, feather-light milk foam. Believe us when we say, it produces thick, stunning froth.

The 3.5 inch TFT colour display and the rotary switch make operating the Impressa XJ9 simple and intuitive. Clear, visual user guidance help you choose your coffee speciality easily. 10 coffees can be individually programmed.

The Jura XJ9 also delivers a sophisticated eco-intelligence concept through use of the intelligent Energy Save Mode and the Zero-Energy Switch. Trust the Swiss..

Complimented by easy to follow visual guidance on the TFT screen, integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes reduce the effort involved in maintaining your machine on a daily & weekly basis to a minimum and for the first time without the need to dissemble the coffee spout for cleaning. The milk spout comes apart into 4 easy to rinse parts.

Dimensions - 34cm W x 44 cm D x 50cm H (including the bean hopper)

What you'll receive with the Jura XJ9:

Jura XJ9 Professional Coffee Machine
Jura Cleaning Tablets (2), Descaling Tablets (3) and Cleaning Liquid (250ml)
Jura Claris Pro Blue Water Filter ( for in-tank use) - Machine isn't available as plumbed in option.
10 x 500g Quality Espresso Beans
100 days commercial warranty
Ongoing support for the life of the coffee machine 

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