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Mr Slush Syrup Lemon & Lime 4x5Ltr

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Premium Slush Syrups made with a water to syrup concentrate ratio of 6 to 1. Lemon and Lime slush syrup by the case of 4x5 Ltrs, which will produce up to 700 slushy drinks. Made with British sugar.

Lemon & Lime Slush Syrup 4 x 5Ltrs

High quality, concentrated slush syrup with a ratio of 6 - 1.

Mr Slush Syrups, ultra premium concentrates are made using only real sugar which is British which creates a high quality slush drink that retains all of the zesty lemon and lime flavour and colour down to the last drop, leaving your customers wanting more. Selling a supreme quality product will ensure you build up loyal customers.

Each case of 4x5Ltr slush syrups will produce 140Ltrs of slush drinks or:
700 x 7oz slush drinks
480 x 10oz (1/2 pint) slush drinks

Selling slush is very profitable, most of our customers charge 5 fold the cost to produce a slush drink. That’s 500% margin or 80% P.O.R. (Profit on Return). Each 7oz slush drink costs around 14p which includes the premium Mr Slush syrup, slush cup and strawspoon.

Choose from our best selling slush concentrate flavours:

Blue Raspberry - Strawberry - Orange & Mango - Kola Kube - Sour Cherry - Lemon & Lime - Pink Bubblegum - Tropical - Pineapple - Sour Apple - Orange - Neutral Base - Iron Brew - Strawberry Lemonade - Cola - Mixed Fruit - Sherbet Lemon.

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