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Mr Slushed Proseco Slush Syrup 4x5Ltrs

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Premium Slush Syrups made with a water to syrup concentrate ratio of 6 to 1. Proseco Cocktail concentrate by the case of 4 x 5Ltr, which will produce up to 700 slush drinks or 600 alcoholic cocktails.

Mr Slushed® Proseco Slush Syrup 4x5Ltrs (Full Case)

Proseco Slush Syrup 4x5Ltrs with a 6 parts water 1 part syrup concentrate mix ratio (without alcohol). We supply bars with this slush syrup who charge between £5.00 - £6.50 for alcoholic slush cocktail drinks.

4 x 5Ltrs of Proseco Slush Syrup will make about 600 alcoholic cocktails or 700 non alcoholic cocktails. That's around 10p per drink.

Making Proseco is easy. Simply fill your slush machine tank with 1 part Pina Proseco slush syrup, 1 part vodka and 4 parts water (ratio's may vary slightly depending on the brand of vodka). Switch on the slush machine to freeze mode then dispense as an alcoholic cocktail once frozen.

Permium quality and made with only the highest grade ingredients.

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