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Shmoo Milkshake Mix Banana

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Shmoo Banana Milkshake Mix by Dinkum. 1.8kg new design tubs. Each will make between 86 to 120 milkshakes, depending on the serving cup size used. Included as an option of either 12oz or 20oz Shmoo branded plastic cups, dome lids and straws. 

Dinkum Shmoo Banana Milkshake Mix 1.8Kg. Milkshake powder for spindle mixing with cold semi-skimmed milk. Shmoo offers a great new range of Point Of Sale items to promote the product including clear plastic cups and dome lids to make the thickshakes in, with optional topping packs to add value to your thick shake varieties.

Each 1.8Kg Shmoo tub will produce approximately 120 x 12oz milkshakes or 86 x 20oz milkshakes.


  • Strong branding with full point of sale material

  • Free branded disposable cups, dome lids & straws with every tub of mix

    • YOU CHOOSE between either 120 x 12oz cups, 86 x 20oz cups or no cups

  • Use with the Dinkum purpose built milkshake commercial mixer with the cups provided or with your own spindle mixer and pour into the cups provided

  • Australian product that produces a thick milkshake using no ice cream and just half a cup of semi-skimmed milk

  • Healthy Option - when made, there is less than 50% sugar when compared to most fizzy drinks and squashes. Low in calories, low in fat, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Natural flavours and colours plus the added goodness of fresh milk

  • Profits between 60% and 85%

Dinkum milkshakes command impact when served in the branded Shmoo plastic cups, which simply require half a cup of cold semi-skimmed milk to make a full cup of rich and creamy thickshake. Each tub of milkshake mix includes an option for branded cups, lids and straws required to make up the drinks in the thick shake powder tubs.

Profits with Dinkum Milkshakes are very good with the complete product costs including the milkshake mix and milk just 37p for 12fl oz and 55p for 20fl oz.

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