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The availability of top-quality slush syrup for your slush machine is of key importance when choosing a slush supplier.

As you've invested a lot of money in your slush machine, many of which will be running for up to 10 hours a day during busy periods, we offer a large choice of slushie syrup flavours, including a number of cocktail syrups too!

Because slush is made from concentrate, it is highly profitable. Therefore, making sure you offer your customers a great product, which will keep them coming back for more, is a must.

With all SlushCo syrups, and average 200ml slush drink will cost you around 10p, which includes the cup, straw, syrup and VAT. This gives retailers a fantastic profit margin, especially as a single drink will retail at between 65p and 85p.

How to tell the quality of slush syrup

The quality of any slush puppy syrup concentrate is not measured by its colour or its name; a slush syrup concentrate is only as good as its measured brix content.

Quite simply, the brix is the sugar content of any slush syrup. Water freezes at 0°C, but the correct temperature of an iced slush drink is -3 degrees - which works by the sugar molecules slipping between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules therefore reducing freezing.

Too much sugar and the mix will be sloppy, whereas too much water (or not enough sugar) will cause the mix to be very thick and it can over-freeze. Any mix with lower sugar or too much synthetic sugar can cause the gear motors (that mix your slush around in the tanks) to be put under tremendous strain. Over time they can fail and will then need replacing.

We believe that our slush mix range is one of the better quality products on the market. Our brand is Mr. Slush. The quality of the drink for your customers is high, and the strain cheap syrups can put on your slush machine isn’t worth risking. Our syrups are manufactured to the highest possible standards using only the best quality ingredients available. Our concentrated syrups are 6:1 water:syrup ratio means each case of 4x5ltrs will produce 140ltrs of premium and delicious slush.

We manufacture our slush concentrates every week, so you will always receive fresh syrups with plenty of shelf life; up to 16 months.

We offer a wide range of flavours including:

• Strawberry
• Blue Raspberry
• Orange
• Sour Cherry
• Pineapple
• Orange and Mango
• Kola Kube
• Lemon and Lime
• Sour Apple
• Pink Bubblegum
• Tropical
• Iron Brew

New flavours introduced in 2014 - Mixed Fruit and Cola

Shop online for high-quality slushy syrup and receive FREE next day delivery when you spend over £70 online. Don’t forget to stock up on plastic slush cups too! Not sure which flavours to choose? Strawberry and Blue Raspberry are clear best sellers in the UK.

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