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Slush Syrup Sour Cherry 4x5Ltr

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Premium slush syrups made with a water to syrup concentrate ratio of 6 to 1. Sour Cherry Slush Syrup by the case of 4 x 5 Ltr, which will produce up to 700 slush drinks. Made with British sugar.

Sour Cherry Slush Syrup 4x5Ltrs

High quality, concentrated slush syrup with a ratio of 6 - 1.

Mr Slush Syrups are very high quality slush syrups which keep their flavour and colour right down to the last drop. Made to the highest standard, these slush concentrates are made using only 100% British sugar. No sweeteners or synthetic sugars are ever used in our recipies. Using real sugar creates a more premium slush product and protects your slush machine gear box motors from over stress as the sugar acts as a soft antifreeze, ensuring the product freezes correctly.

Each case of 4x5Ltr slush syrups will produce 140Ltrs of slush drinks or:
700 x 7oz slush drinks
480 x 10oz slush drinks (half a pint)

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