Warranty - Espresso machines


Here at Denby Dale Coffee Ltd, we offer a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty against component failures caused by manufacturing defects. When you purchase a commercial coffee machine from us, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have purchased a quality product, from a company passionate about after sales service.

We DO NOT simply refer you to the relevant manufacturers for guidance. We manage your problem with you with the sole aim to getting your coffee machine working again as soon as possible. This can often be achieved over the telephone but if not, we will ensure our national resource of coffee engineers respond quickly and efficiently.

Beyond the warranty, we offer our supplies customers lifetime support. This means we will deal with any on-going issue with the same urgency and efficiency and any service and repairs will be dealt will at trade pricing. We do not make a margin on any call out and service support. Non supplies customers will be charged retail price list pricing.

This warranty covers your machine for manufacturers’ defects for the warranty duration. Any work carried out that is non warranty covered will be chargeable.

Components covered by the warranty:
Copper pipe work & brass fittings
Group Heads
Electronics – capacitor + motor, main board, touch pad/buttons, element protection probe, level probe, power switch (part only)

Non warranty work includes issues caused by:
Limescale (a suitable water filter system should be installed to prevent this)
Failure to change the water filter at the recommended intervals (minimum once per year)
Poor or fluctuating water quality
Problems with site water supply & pressure, including pipes and flexi hose to machine
Failure to operate the machine correctly or misuse
Failure to have your coffee machine serviced annually. If a part covered by the warranty requires a replacement, this will be conducted without charge. This will not however nullify the charge for the service.
Failure to correctly or frequently clean the machine as per manufacturers guidelines
Loss of any machine component
Damage to the machine caused by fire, accident or acts of vandalism
Problems with any water treatment system connected to the machine water supply
Failure of the machine or components due to incorrect installation if conducted by the customer including modifications

Components not covered by the warranty: (wear and tear components)
Wear & Tear items, Pressure Switch, Rubber / Teflon Seals, Element, Group Head Shower Plates, Group Head and Inlet Solenoid Valves and Coils, Sight Glass, Pump Head, Plastic Tap Handles.

Replacement parts covered under the warranty:

Parts replaced under any warranty does not extend the equipments warranty term from date installed. The warranty will finalise upon the original terms. The exception being if any part has been replaced during the last 100 days of the warranty, we will offer a minimum of 100 days warranty on qualifying covered parts. Parts replaced after the warranty will also have 100 days warranty cover on the specific part replaced. We will extend  this warranty to a partial warranty for the next 100 days during which time a 50% engineer and parts discount will apply.

Other conditions:
Warranties are void if machines are not serviced annually (or at least every 16 months) or serviced/repaired by engineers not authorised to do so by Denby Dale Coffee Ltd. Warranties are not transferable. The engineers assessment of machine fault on all matters shall be final.


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