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Ciao Fairtrade Coffee Beans 10x500g

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Ciao Fairtrade fresh coffee beans from coffee plantations in Costa Rica, Honduras and East Africa. A beautifully fresh espresso bean with mildly sweet and chocolaty overtones. Arabica coffees from Central America blended expertly with premium Robustas from Ethiopia.

 Ciao Fair Trade Espresso Coffee Beans 10x500g 

Coffee roasting is at the heart of our business and we take pleasure in sourcing the best coffees from around the world. We take ethical trading very seriously, ensuring that the coffee plantations we buy our Fair Trade beans from benefit from the Fair Trade premium they receive. This premium is invested back into the coffee farm communities in infrastructure, health and education.

Blend Description:

This premium quality coffee is blended to be a typical Italian style coffee ideal for espresso, cappucino and latte. Very well balanced with arabica coffee from Central America and Robusta from Kenya, this ethical blend has character, with mildly sweet, chocolaty overtones, amazing aroma and lasting crema. This Fair trade blend is a great choice if you are looking for a medium roasted day time drink. Very popular with the education sector, offices and leisure sites.


Fair Trade Coffee Profile


All our Ciao coffee packaging is 100% biodegradable

We offer complimentary Ciao Fair Trade branded point of sale to our Ciao coffee customers, including small posters, table cards and menu cards. Ciao branded sugar sticks and coffee cups and saucers are also available to purchase.


Coffee Origin

Central America, India, Ethiopia & Kenya

       Central America Coffee   India Coffee    African Coffee

Strength Guide

1 - 5

    Fairtrade Strength Guide

Pack Size

10x500g - One Way Valves

     Coffee Bags

Servings per Case

742 Coffees

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Cost per Cup


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 Coffee overview by region

Costa Rican coffee is beautifully smooth and fragrant. Prized for their high notes, bright citrus or berry-like flavours in the acidity, with distinctful nut-to-chocolate roasty flavours and medium body. Grown between 4,100 & 5,400 feet in altitude. High in quality and very well balanced.

Honduran coffees can range from bright, acidic flavour profiles, lightly fruited and with strong cane sugar sweetness, to more caramel-like, lower acidity coffees that are fantastic in espresso. Coffee from Honduras is becoming more popular as the quality has improved significantly in recent years.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee where it was discovered approx 1,400 years ago. Ethiopian coffees are of exceptional quality and boast two different styles. Two of the finest coffees are from the Sidamo region, and Harrar, although their profiles are quite different. The Harrar is dry processed and is exotic, fruity and complex, while the Sidamo region, uses a washed coffee process which is more delicate and displays floral, citrus tones with a rounded balance.



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